About this preserve

This 10 acre site was acquired by the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department in 1997 to preserve an undisturbed parcel of the Blackland Prairie, a rare remnant of tall grass prairie that once extended from central Texas to Iowa.  Early settlers were drawn to this area because of gentle topography and the unusually fertile soils which produced high agricultural yields.  But agriculture and urban development drove out much of the wildlife, altered water flows and vegetation patterns:  once plowed, prairies and their rich soils were no more.

This rare remnant is small but many prairie wildflowers and grasses remain, as well as unique prairie soil topography called gilgai….enough to provide habitat for small game animals and migratory songbirds which depend on these grasslands.

Sometimes parkland and open space is more about what it is than what it isn’t.  Blackland Prairie Nature Preserve doesn’t have playgrounds or baseball fields or a pool or even a pavilion, and that’s perfect for its role as a preserve and for those who visit it.  It’s a place to explore, to contemplate, to experience its changes with every season….welcome!

For a map and directions, see: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zn1IevpqQXLk.kWWQibic0D7A