What’s a prairie?


There are many general types of prairies and each prairie is unique.  The Blackland Prairie Nature Preserve is a remnant of the once vast blackland ecosystem that ranged from Iowa to near the Texas coast.  These prairies were supported by some of the richest soils in the world, producing highly diverse grasslands maintained by large herds of grazing mammals, and fire.  With western population expansion, bison were exterminated from most of their range, agricultural crops spread and prairies fragmented, then nearly vanished.  No more migrating herds of bison, no more prairie fires, no more endless grassland vistas.  But  this little remnant remains…was never plowed…its gilgai are testament.  Most likely it was hayed for livestock, but much of its diversity remains:  an ever-changing variety of wildflowers, grasses, insects, birds and more throughout the year.  Changing day to day and week to week, none alike….ever.  Come and mark the seasons at the prairie:  see how it responds to weather changes, how its colors and textures and populations ebb and flow, how very different it is.